16th January 2020

One consequence of an ageing population and delayed parenthood is the growing number of people who are left sacrificing their own time, wellbeing and finances in order to care for those around them. And it’s very easy for this group to simply focus on surviving rather than thriving.

The ‘sandwich generation’

This term was first coined in the 1980s to describe adults ‘sandwiched’ between a dependent child and an adult relative requiring care. And estimates3 suggest this group now represent a sizeable chunk of the UK population, with almost four million people in the sandwich generation.


A fundamental problem facing the sandwiched is that the dual challenge of caring for younger and older relatives can leave them incredibly time poor. Indeed, research3 suggests almost half of this group devote less than 35 minutes a day to themselves. In other words, putting themselves in the picture represents a genuine challenge.

Plan, plan, plan

However, while it may seem unnatural for the sandwiched to consider their own needs, it is vital they do so, particularly in relation to their finances. It’s therefore imperative to secure financial stability by planning diligently, saving carefully and keeping retirement provision a top priority. Seeking sound professional advice and developing an effective financial plan is therefore arguably more important for the sandwich generation than any other group.

3 Aviva/YouGov, March 2019


…half of this group devote less than 35 minutes a day to themselves.